Uncharted 3: World of Deceit Listed on Amazon.fr

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    It would appear that Amazon has once again ousted a game. This time it's Uncharted 3: World of Deceit on Amazon France. We have used the magic of the web to translate the site to English so you don't have to. Is this really Uncharted 3? Only time will tell. However, the name is compelling. I guess the betrayal of "Among Thieves" wasn't enough. It's safe to say we are all chomping at the bit for more info. Stay tuned to Hooked Gamers for details by signing up for our newsletter.

    Update: Did Amazon lie? Quite possibly. This info comes from Kevin Butler, no not THE Kevin Butler. Just a guy who thinks he is Kevin Butler. See here

    If you ask me this all seems too coincidental. Why would Amazon post a game with the same name and design of this mans art? It could be very simple, but it could also be much more complex. Let's hope for the latter of the two, because that means an Uncharted 3 announcement is coming soon.

    Update #2:

    Playstation Lifestyle has uncovered that the artist, Albert Ng, does work for a company that has been employed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Quite a coincidence, eh?

    Albert Ng has replied to Hooked Gamers and what he has said can be seen here.[/p]
    Albert Ng's reply
    [​IMG] Source (Hooked Gamers)
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    I fucking love Uncharted. Can not wait for #3.
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    Hopefully it's real. Would be awesome.
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    Yes I am a big fan of the Uncharted series.....this is really awesome.
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    i'll admit i fucking love shaun for fucking loving uncharted, and i also fucking LOVED both the uncharted games. such a great series with fun puzzles, pretty graphics, good characters, and some really LOL moments. i hope this is real!

    i'm also hoping for a saints row 3 or a port of saints row to ps3. =)

    @Goli: the source is where "you" found the news, not where the news might have originated from. its impossible to figure out who posted something first on the internet, and we have been trolled by other news sites before saying "they were first." i'm happy if someone posts a source at all because a large percentage of the user submitted news doesn't have it.

    -another world
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    MAYBE. I did keep my word that I would not buy Uncharted 2.

    However because I did specify 2, it doesn't apply to Uncharted 3. They could surprise me big time! [​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2010
    Hmm, even if this game costs over $100 (pretty sure it will) I'll be getting it, just like cod black ops, no matter the price I got it (when it comes out, of course =D)

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