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Mar 19, 2008
Hello - I am hoping to be pointed in the right direction but I have a Wii that sometimes locks the Disc into the disc drive and I am unable to eject it out nor does the drive initialise properly. The Disc channel does not read it but the Wii menu runs fine.

It has happened to me once since I had it but it has been reported to have happened many times with this Wii. I have had it a week and been putting discs in and out to test it. I have put in and out discs over and over. In total more than 100 times and it happened only once.

It is on Official 4.1E and it has a Wii Key v2 Solderless clip. (I have many completed many setups this way with no issue except this Wii).

Oh, and I have just now installed the latest HomeBrew Channel - I figured I might be able to use Gecko to try and initialise the drive as I know it spins the drive when you go to start a game. (Have not been able to test because it has not happened again)

I do not know what caused the Wii drive to lock. Basically, you place a disc in, it does not initialise properly with the usual noises and the disc can't be read in the disc channel either. Pushing eject does nothing to help you either. The drive blue light flashes but nothing else happens and then the light goes away.

To fix this last time I pulled the power out for 5min - 10min and put it back in, turned the Wii on but still could not eject - and when the Wii was turned on it did not make the usual noise of the disc drive initialising. I turned it off again and then pushed only eject and the disc came out.

I then turned the Wii back on and placed a different game in it jammed up again. After a few ejects and turn on and off attempts I took the power out, took the battery out of the Wii, put power back in and pushed eject and it ejected. I took power out, placed battery back in turned on, booted to main screen, turned off and then back on again and all my discs read fine, including the Wii Sports Resort that jammed up just previously. I have now played that same disc about 10 times since no issue.

The one time it happened to me was after I had the Wii on all day and finished playing Mario Kart. I Pressed the home button and went to the Wii Menu. Mario Kart showed fine, I ejected the disc, placed in Wii Sports Resort and then it jammed. Both games were backup copies.

It is a very strange problem and the disc are fine as they work in another 2 Wii's flawlessly and have done so for many months and still do now.

Does anyone know why this might happen? If so does anyone know the quickest fix? I have only listed what I have found to be successful above and trying to find an easy solution for the real owner

Could the chip be causing the Wii drive to lockup for some reason?

Anyway, look forward to what anyone can add

EDIT: Resolved. Thanks to OzModChip. They have now soldered in the WiiKey v2 and I have no more issues

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