[UK] Pokemon Sun / Moon Pre-Order Deal

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    If your in the UK and thinking about pre-ordering Pokemon Sun or Moon you can currently get 10% off the standard edition at Game.co.uk. In addition game seem to have exclusivity over the pre-order figurines here in the UK (The Nintendo store in the UK also offer the figurine with a pre order, however the game is £40 there...) so that's a nice bonus for pre-ordering with Game.

    You get the pre-order figurine with either the standard or fan editions of the game, however you can only get 10% off the standard edition, making the standard edition + figurine £31.49, compared to £45 for the fan edition. No point in paying an extra £13.50 for the fan edition (just a steel book case!) in my opinion.

    Link: http://www.game.co.uk/en/games/poke...se&merchname=3DS-_-espot1-_-PokemonSunandMoon