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    I have WII Ver. 3.10U with D2Pro9 v2.0

    So far I did not have any issue with the very few backup games except for Mario Power Tennis it keeps asking me to upgrade but I don't accept because I am not sure of the Pros and Cons of doing so.

    I truly don't know whether I needed to or not, but I decided to download d2pro9_utilitydisc_usa_v1.7 and burnt the ISO on DVD and run it on the WII. I also downloaded d2pro9_winxp_i386_v2.3 and I also don't know if I need to use it or not.
    When the Utility Disk 1.7 starts up, it displays a menu which I did not know what to do with it, so I decided to select and then it did its thing and it asked me to restart the WII.

    So far I did not notice any changes anywhere. I don't even know what it actualy 'Force upgrade'.

    -Could you please let me know how to play Mario Power Tennis. Should I go ahead and accept the upgrade in order to play it, what would be the repercussion - would I regret it?

    Please help!
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