Two Questions Re Forwader & USB Loader

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by neilbeme, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. neilbeme

    neilbeme Newbie

    Dec 30, 2009

    My apologies if these questions have been answered in the previous 471 pages, but nothing showed up when I searched the forum.

    First, my Wii is menu 4.2 with HBC, etc (using one of the very recent guides to mod) running 50c-fat Configurable USB loader and NForwarder ver17. Have Priiloader loaded by it is not loading any channels at boot time. Bootmii as IOS also installed. Using a WD Passport Essentials 120 GB USB HD.

    Problem: When I start the loader via the forwarded channel it always seems to take two "starts" to get the loader screen to appear. On the first start the access light on the HD indicates that there is activity to the disk, but nothing appears and I am returned to the Wii System menu. On the second start the USB Loader starts normally. There are no errors messages issued on the first start. To confuse the issue even further, on rare occasions the loader comes up on the first start!!!

    Question: Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, is there a fix?

    Second question: I am a little confused about the alternative DOL option for individual games. Thus far from my limited collection of games I have only needed to use the alternative DOL option for Medal Of Honor Heroes 2. When I go to the option page for this game it says it has found 1 alternative DOL. Access the alternative DOL option and the loader offers the following options: SD, USB, game.dol (at least my memory tells me the last option was as indicated). Reading the readme files has informed me about the SD and USB options, but there is no mention of the game.dol option. Can someone elaborate on this third option, please? It should be noted that the game runs quite well using the game.dol option - haven't tried the other 2 options.
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