1. R454EL

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    Jan 1, 2016
    Atention - bad english
    Hi everyone. I recently bought two wii controller "premium xl+" made by snakebyte. Also i've one original nintendo wiimote, which comes with console. Both of premium xl+ works great when they connected separatly, i mean when connected only one of them. Also each of them perfectly works with original one. But when i want synchronize two of them together , it doesn't work, it feels like they have same mac address or bluetooth pairing code i dont know exactly, and this is why i suppose the second "premium" mote fail to synchronize when connected first one (i tried permanent and one time mode ) How can i fix that? I know about apps wich cuould find mac address of wiimote but dont know how to chage it or maybe problem not in mac adress. So i need help in this.
  2. foob

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    Dec 26, 2007
    if all else fails, the Nintendo controllers are EXCELLENT quality and (IMO) it's not worth getting a third-party to make them, especially if buying them today second-hand (Wiis and controllers are now available inexpensively where I live, with no shortage of people selling them)
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