Gaming Tutorial to make Cheat Codes for PSP


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May 24, 2009
Okay, so today i will start making a tutorial how to make cheat codes. Now, let's get started!
What you need:
>PSP with CFW
>CWCheat must be activated. (to get CWCheat go to here)

Credits all go to dark420bishop @ youtube
Vids about tutorial:

Video Description by dark420bishop:
QUOTE said:
Warning: DON'T CHEAT ONLINE! Only cowards with no honor cheat online. Not only will it earn you the disgust of your fellow players, it ruins the game for others and it may well get you banned from the game servers. If you have to cheat online to win, you have no business playing, go sell your PSP and give up because you fail at life.


PSP Help Series

* Homebrew

* Downgrading (slightly outdated)

* Plugins

* Prx Launcher

* How to Make Your Own Cheat Codes


For the full article, including links and detailed instructions, go to

If you need PSP programs, go here

If you need PSP help, go here

Some PSP media I've collected

A Note to my Viewers

If you have questions, go to the PSP forums or IRC. I offer PSP downgrading/modding service, Pandora battery service, and tech support. Please see the main channel page for prices.

Once again, credits go to dark420bishop


EDIT: If you want to get PSP Cheat database for CWCheat go to official CWCheat website /!

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