Trying to run alternative firmware on the iTouch DS

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    Hey. I've seen videos on YouTube and a review on gbatemp about the iTouchDS and it's ability to run the M3Real and Sakura firmwares.
    I have tried the M3 iSakuReal triple boot firmware and it only boots the iTouch Firmware. The M# and Sakura firmwares don't work at all. I try booting up my Nintendo DS while holding the X or Y buttons and it continues to boot the iTouch firmware.

    I looked at this review:
    In this review, there are pictures and video of the iTouch DS running the firmware alternatives.

    I purchased the iTouch DS.
    I received the Slot-1 device only, which is the DS game-shaped card.
    I do not have a Slot-2 Device.
    I'm using a Silver Nintendo DS (PHAT)

    I am unable to run any alternative firmware along with Moonshell.
    I can run multiple emulators, however.
    I wanted to run alternative firmware, hoping that cheats will start working, and game navigation will become easier.

    If you can help me with my problem, I'd really appreciate it!