ROM Hack Trying to make Wilting X ROM hack work with drag&drop

Fil o_O

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Dec 8, 2014
Ok, so I did a little bit of research.
I played Eternal X and Wilting Y some time ago. I noticed the Nova Sun's method is a lot easier than the method that is used for Eternal X.

So I tried to make that romhack drag and drop too.

Here's what I did:
Dumped Pokemon X with update
took the edited romfs files for Wilting X
copy/pasted them into my dumped folder
used poketool to patch the rom
placed files to luma/titles/xxxx
game launches and I can click on the game profile, but then it crashes.

What would I need to do in order to get that to work?

Edit: I know the hack already has a drag&drop method, but it doesn't work with the update, but I'd like to have the update installed like in Sun/Moon
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