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    Nov 14, 2010
    Is there a software that can be useful for translating ISO's just like monster hunter portable 3. I heard there's this Psypsp guy who made a translation of it's DEMO.
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    Jul 7, 2008 is very useful. Start with the easy systems first like NES/SNES (Really easy), then advance to maybe GBA or something (Alot harder than NES/SNES hacking, mind you..). Done that? Start learning MIPS ASM (I seriously recommend learning this), learn to use hex editors (You'd prolly have some experience with this from NES/SNES/GBA but read FAST6191's useful guide). Learning to program is useful, but not a necessity (So you can program your own shit to edit game scripts and stuff, somewhat like what you mentioned about a software translating MHP3). Knowing how to debug is great when your stuck somewhere and need to find a pointer responsible for line length and stuff blah blah blah (rants on).

    But seriously. Once you get the gist of hacking basic systems, you can come back and ask.
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    Basically no, there's no automated program to do it because there's no standard way to put text in a game. Pretty much every game does it a different way.