Transferring items from one SD card to another

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    I believe part of the ticket.db either on the NAND or SD card has a unique identifier for the SD card to prevent you from swapping files between SD cards? I was trying to help a friend of mine who is on 9.2 and his old 2GB SD card has his Pokebank installed on it but I noticed when I installed the new 32GB SD card and after I installed legit CIA's that the folder structure is slightly different between the two and copying the 2GB contents to the 32GB don't show anything up but if I put in the 2GB the bank shows up and the games show up on the 32GB card. I am sure it's possible just need some help. Thanks.
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    If you had put the Nintendo 3DS folder from the 2GB onto the new 32GB before ever putting it in the 3DS, then it would have used the same files and he would have had pokebank and the legit CIAs on the same card. You should uninstall the legit CIAs, format the 32gb, put the old Nintendo 3DS folder onto it, and then install the games again.
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    No that should work just fine. But if you or your friend put the new card in the 3DS before you transferred the old files from it, a new "Nintendo 3DS" folder would be created and the old files could be conflicting with the new ones. Delete the Nintendo 3DS folder on the new card and copy everything from the 2GB card again, see if that helps.