Transferring Files to n3DS without FTP

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    Hey good folks,

    Usually I do all my file transferring over FTP, but I just moved to college and filezilla is spooked and can no longer connect to my n3DS over the network (seems like the connection automatically closes). I know I could always unscrew the back and transfer files the old school way (booooo), but I didn't bring my tiny screwdrivers and to be honest the wear-and-tear of the screwing and unscrewing is too much for my paranoid mind. There's a barely noticeable, extremely minuscule amount of plastic that came off from the grooves on the side from when I took it off a couple of times before, and that almost gave me a heart attack lol.

    So anyway, I know this may be a stupid question because I don't think there is, but would you guys happen to know of a way to transfer files to the n3DS without FTP and without taking apart the back to get the SD card? Thanks a lot! If not, no worries.
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    Yes, you can use the built in micro SD management.