TrackmaniaDs official record

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    Hello, i'm an huge fan of trackmania since the first, i have a verry good score on nation so i'll post here my score on the ds vertion and new of my litle project.
    Poste here your score too

    score post form:

    Difficculty- environement-track
    IE my actual score

    Medium-Stadium- stadiumC1 01:48:93

    stadiumC2 46:05
    stadiumC3 01:22:32
    stadiumC4 01:27:62

    Post only gold medeal beated lol

    the other project is a tool that can inject custom track from other member save to ur save, because there is no online. I look at the game and save but i(m not too skilled, i can make the site to share track but if someone can help me [​IMG] we have to look into the save and find a way to extrack the track

    uncompress the rom, the open the .zip archive and go to scene, here is the track, there are .dcsc object i don't know what i can do ;(