Toying with the save states :D

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    OK. Based on my last post (the one in which I asked about Pkmn Black's solution for an R4SDHC which, of course, still has no solution for everybody), I thought that maybe all of you may know that you can actually "toy" (we will say toy for this stance) with the save states. I used and, I can say, ABUSED of it in a good way, because it let me have what I do have in some games, but in a NON-CHEAT OR ACTION REPLAY way. So it is totally legal (ROMs obviously are not legal xD)

    I will put a simple example: Let's supose (just for this one) you have played Rhythm Heaven. And you played it so much, that you actually discovered EVERY gift and achieved EVERY PERFECT in-game. One day you say: OK, I have completed this game, but they say the japanese one is better, so, I guess I'll give it a try! It's worth one, after all!

    You download Rhythm Tengoku Gold, the japanese counterpart. You start playing. You are, like, at the 9th set of games and you say: Hell no, I can't keep with this... Hope there's a better way to access everything without playing...

    HERE IS where this topic is based into: Save state toying!

    Yeah, you actually CAN'T UNLOCK EVERYTHING with cheats, there are some restrictions to it (no access to all the songs, for example), but you can apply that save state that you left forgotten... You only have to copy that old state, rename it like your ROM, and voilá! You "misteriously" have unlocked everything in Rhythm Tengoku Gold!!

    This technique can be applied, however, to all of those roms that:
    - Are, undeniably, the same game in the same console, but in different countries.

    So, this would apply to a person that plays Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light and wants to play Guardian Signs without losing progress in the middle.

    Yeah, now I await your comments. Tell me if you already knew this, orif you find this info useful. Greetings, and take care.

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    People have been swapping saves between regions for years. [​IMG]
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    I personally don't find it that surprising that when games are similar enough to use the same save data set-up, you can rename and use the states. I thought (and hoped) this thread was going to be about some kind of program to hack and edit save states of games.
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    Ha yeah this is kinda common knowledge. Kinda.
    But hey, its always fun to mess with stuff.

    Welcome to the temp.
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    If I remember correctly, FR/LG, D/P, HG/SS, and possibly B/W saves can all be swapped. In regards to region swapping, why not? It's a waste of programming space to write/store that you have 54 Green Left-handed Pencils when you can save 54 item #1432.