Toy Wars Wii Version (Wii Entry)

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Toy Wars is a game in which you take the role of a group of Toys which fight in a house. It's heavily inspierd on Toy Commander, that great old game from SEGA Dreamcast.
    The Wii port has some issues like the absence of some animations (of walls and fences) and no lighting. Beside that the game workd pretty well. I'll try to update the errors this week if I have time.

    The controls
    The game is designed to be played with the classic gamecube controller. If you want to use the Wiimote+Nunchunk you'll need to copy the "config" file attached to the root of the SD card.
    Triggers: Accelerate/deaccelerate/Brake (both at the same time)
    Shoot: Button A & B (primary and sec.)
    Weapon change: X in combination with arrows (digital pad)
    Vehicle change: Y in combination with digital pad
    Start: pause.
    Digital pad: camera movement.

    You can and should check the Genesis Competition Toy Wars entry, you can find more info in case you need it. You can also check nintendomax for help if needed.

    Installation and download
    For the last version: just uncompress the ZIP. You should have boot.dol and in sd:/apps/toywars/ folder. Also you should have an empty folder at sd:/apps/toywars/profles/.
    You have also to choose a gamepad to play, you can use GC pad, classic pad or wiimote+nunchuk. I recommend the classic ones. Download the config file for your configuration and place it in sd:/apps/toywars/ and rename it to "config". Sorry for the inconvenience, but supporting so many configurations it's a little tricky. In the future I'll make an automatic config detection. Hope you understand!
    As you didn't say anything about splash screen I keep the nintedomax one. If you want me to put an splash just ask!

    ZIP file
    Config files



    Anything just ask and write here! Thanks!
  2. Category

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Toy Commander was AWESOME on the Dreamcast, must download this one! Looks pretty nice from the video...
  3. davidgf

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Updated to match nintendomax version. If anyone tries it, please report. I hadn't tried it on a real Wii yet.
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    Wow, from the videos it looks like a pretty good engine.

    I just hope the objectives are fun enough to keep one playing.

    LOL at how you pick up a taxi passenger :S
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    I tried the old version on my real wii (with wiimote+nunchuk control).
    The control is not intuitive (you have to hit 1 to shoot or accept a menu, I would have pick A or B).

    Sometime, I'm stuck between boxes and wall, or with the road (which has a slight height, so it's hard to go on it if the plane/car doesn't have enough speed).

    The engine is fine, textures and 3D are good [​IMG]
    I would have loved a way to rotate the camera freely. (maybe there's one? maybe not with wiimote/nunchuk?)

    I'll try the new version now.
  6. davidgf

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Again sorry for the Wiimote controls. As I said it's not designed for a Wii (or any console which has weird controls [​IMG]).
    The camera can be moved by using Dpad, but it's not completely free. I'll have to recheck that. You are complaining about taxi mission, right? It has some camera issues as well as being too precise with the simulation, specially on cars with little wheels moving too slow.
    BTW you can change the controls. Just edit the config file and swap the numbers. I haven't tried them because dolphin is a little tricky.
    I'm looking at the pad problem, specially with the HOME button.

    Glad you liked it!