Tomodachi Life Mod Ideas

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by SJ64, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. SJ64

    SJ64 GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 19, 2015
    United States
    So I've been having this idea for a while now but I decided this would be the appropriate place for it due to all the hacky homebrew stuff here. Tomodachi Life is a random game. I mean, almost everything is random in the game. While it is hilarious to see what could happen while playing, I've always wanted more control on what happens in the game.

    So anyways, I've always been imagining some kind of hack or mod for this game that lets you have a lot more control over what happens in the game.

    Now the first thing I've always wanted to is make my own Mii News... uh... news. The Miifoto thing in Miitomo kinda reminds me of what I would want that to be like. You could import pictures off of your 3DS, then use your Mii's heads and use items from the game. So basically, make it like Miifoto.

    The next thing is the ability to edit dreams. I mean, I've always wanted to have a Mii movie maker but I don't think It'll be possible here. To be fair, I'd rather just have an option to edit what's in the dream like food, Miis, or clothes.

    Next is the text. It would be cool to edit all of the text in this game. And I don't just mean simple stuff like catchphrases and "*insert name here* loved it!" I mean like, every single line of text in the whole entire game. That would be funny.

    Now something that could actually be possible is to edit what Mii's little thought balloons are. You can make it so they fall in love with whoever you want and change the events that happen. You know, simple stuff.

    Animations would be cool to edit, but that probably won't make it in at all. That would be WAY too hard to program an animation editor.

    Now the final thing I want is to have the ability to change what's in the shops, change what will appear in the arcade game, ect.

    Wow, that was really long. This probably won't EVER happen but did you really expect this to actually happen? But I guess it MIGHT happen, but probably not. I hope you liked my dumb idea and could take it into consideration.
  2. MarioFanatic64

    MarioFanatic64 The guy who does things

    Sep 13, 2009
    I think there should be the option to control a Mii's relationships. When a fictional Mii character starts going out with a completely mismatched Mii, things aren't right.
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