[Tip] How to make Remote Play more stable

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    Sep 19, 2009
    Recently I had massive issues with Remote Play, connection losses, stuttering, pixelation, even though my PS Vita was connected via the direct connection to the PS4 and is in the same room. I did some investigation and I think I was able to fix the problem. The issue was that other networks broadcasted on the same channel. In case you didn't know, the PS4 sets up an access point if you enable direct connection and this access point inherits the same wifi channel from your WLAN router. So what you need to do to get the best possible connection is to use the PS4's access point, but use a unique channel for it and set it up in a way that there is as less as possible interference from other networks. However, the PS4 doesn't have an option to set the channel of its access point. So you need to do the following:

    1) Access your routers web interface and scan for all networks
    2) Check which two (!) channels are least crowded
    3) Set your router to broadcast on the least crowded channel
    4) Connect your PS4 via WLAN (!) to your router and enable Remote Play Direct Connection
    5) The PS4's access point now automatically broadcasts in the least crowded channel
    6) Connect the PS4 to the router via a LAN (!) cable
    7) Set up a LAN internet connection on your PS4 (the PS4 saves the channel of its access point)
    8) Set your router to broadcast on the second least (!) crowded channel
    9) Do not connect your PS4 via a WLAN connection ever again, else the access point channel will be changed

    What this does is that it sets your PS4's access point to the best possible connection without letting other networks, including your own router, interfere with it that much. That's the reason why you change the channel of your router to the second least crowded one.

    You may wonder why use the PS4's access point and not a network connection. Simple, because optimized, it's superior to a network connection, even though the PS4's wifi chip is not good. Obviously you can forget about this guide if you play from a remote location via the internet or if your PS4 and Vita are not in the same room.

    Hint: You can also use the PS4's access point with any device that supports Remote Play (phones, tablets, PCs). For this you need to figure out the encryption password of the PS4's access point. As far as I know, only the paid version of the inofficial Remote Play PC app is capable of showing you the password. I have tested this myself. It works.

    Regarding PS4 Pro: Since the PS4 Pro supports 5Ghz, if you remote play with anything other than the Vita (which doesn't support 5Ghz networks), you should always set your access point to broadcast in 5Ghz. The procedure is the same as described above.