Time Management Games

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    Nov 8, 2018

    For my wife it gives nothing greater than this games:

    - Emily Delicious Series
    - Dr.Cares Pet Series
    - Fabulous Angela Series
    - Heart´s Medicine Series.

    Very fun,sometimes challenging.:D

    In the last Year(s) comes more and more spin off´s to it.

    - Sally´s Salon,Parker + Lane,Amber´s Airline,Love Boat and many more.

    And thats the point where the fun falls by the wayside.

    I think in the past they programming the games for PC and converted it to Android.
    Now it´s maybe (i´m quite sure !!) converse.....
    Many bugs,Levels are non playable because of bugs,games don´t work (Julie´s sweets).
    Fact is the games are not cheap.And the support is limp.Ok you get your money back but fun ....?!?!?!

    Are there any Time Management/Dash games players here in this great forum ?:)