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Nov 25, 2008
United States
I can't afford Hori's Gameboy Player controller. Cheapest I can find one is $50 on Amazon, USED, no box. This is, quite frankly, a complete ripoff.
Retro UBS's SNES adaptors are out of the question, as the site only acceps Paypal payments, blissfully stating that they refuse money orders. Yes, they want my money right away, but they say it can take up to 5 days to ship goods. My opinions on Paypal aside, I'd still refuse to buy from them with that attitude.

Bay Soft Games has a Pelican model GBP controller for $6 and $4 shipping. But from what I've read about that particular store, I'd get more entertainment if I lit a $10 bill on fire. The chances I'd actually GET the thing are very, very slim, since they take money from about 95% of their customers and never deliver merchandise.

And I find the stock GC controller a bit goofy for playing GB Player. The stick isn't as nice as I'd like, and the tiny, almost nonexistant D-pad on the thing is impractical for controls.

Which brings me to the Thrustmaster T-Wireless Wii controller. It's really just a GC controller marketed for Wii. Nice PS2 style layout, IGN review is very favorable. Most online store customer reviews are low, but only because these idiots keep whining that it doesn't plug into the classic controller slot(reading up on the thing, or even LOOKING AT IT before they take it to the counter, seems to be too much hassle). And it's only $20, same as an SNES adaptor would cost.

Has anyone used this particular pad? Is the D-pad suitable for platform games?

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