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Dec 10, 2009
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ThrustMaster T-Wireless GC/Wii controller Review

The Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW Gamecube Wii controller is basically a GC pad, with Classic Controller button layouts. It's advertised as a classic controller, mainly for Virtual console. It comes from a french company, and comes with a warranty. Basically, you plug it in to a GC port, and you sync it, and you have a Wavebird/Classic Controller type thing. It also has rumble support.

Overall Feel and Pros
The Thrustmaster feels good in my hand, but it's a bit small, also, the C stick isn't labeled, you just have to remember the right circle stick is the c-stick. I got it for 15 bucks at a Meijers while on vacation in Chicago and Michigan, and when I got home after like 2 days, plugged it into my Wii, and got it setup in like, 2 minutes. Worked perfectly for me in Brawl. Also, the colour scheme goes well with the Wii. It feels durable, and the buttons feel very responsive. It has a turbo button, and that was easy to use. You could also program it, but I couldn't be bothered to change the button layout, it was fine for me. Sometimes, the controller loses connection to the reciever, which is dangling off my wii, but very rarely, and it takes 5 seconds to press 2 buttons to reconnect it.
Bonus The dpad can be pressed in all directions, so it can also be used as a SaveMiiFrii

The Thrustmaster sometimes loses connection, and I have to reconnect it, even though it takes like 5 seconds, it's kind of annoying sometimes. Also, the thrustmaster is kind of small, and the c-stick isn't labeled. The button layout is not that of a GC controller, but of a classic controller. Why market it as a Clontroller, but I have played on an official pad at my friend's house before) Also, the reciever blinks so rapidly when it's not connected, I swear, someone could get a seizure. When I'm not using it, I have to unplug tassic controller if it's a GC controller? If you wanted to make a Classic controller, make a classic controller. It just doesn't give that same feeling when you're playing with an actual GC pad. (This is my first GC che reciever from my Wii. The rumble feature for me, felt kind of weak. Also, the dpad takes getting used to , because it can be pressed in all directions

It works with Brawl, when playing Wind Waker through NeoGamma, it worked really well. Mario 64 on Wii64 using the GC pad was really fun to play.

Final remarks
The Thrustmaster T-Wireless did everything it advertised pretty well. I would have preferred the original button layout, but it's not that big of a deal. Considering all the poor reviews about the GameStop wired controller, I'd recommend this better than the GameStop one. Of course, if you can get a WaveBird or an Official Nintendo controller, get that, but if you can only find this one, besides the GameStop one, go for this one.

Final rating

The connection losses and the Classic controller button layout pull it down a bit, but the sturdiness, warranty and features, not to mention the wireless, pull it back up.
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