Thought it time to introduce myself

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FAST6191, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Well just over a year ago I decided to join GBATemp (possibly as the first person following the introduction of mandatory signups) so now 1000 non testing posts on (of which 700 or so probably are completely pointless) and still with the inablilty to find an avatar I want to stick with I thought I would say hello to everyone.

    Around these parts (and everywhere else for this matter save some more minor aspects of real life) I go by the handle FAST6191, my posts probably reveal my interests as video (creation or editing), actually playing computer games, rom hacking, dodgy 70's/80's metal/Tom Waits and laughing at fanboys (their "standards" continue to amaze me).

    I plan on kicking around for a while to come so unless that ninja operated bus really does exist and comes for me... err (searches for high note to end this on) keep watching the skies or rom/iso sections of usenet, whichever you prefer.

    Many thanks mthrnite, you too Shinji.
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    Creaky old 1000 Possum slogs in, panting and wheezing to say:
    Welcome, and congratulations on your 1000th post *coff, wheeze*
    You are a gentleman and an asset to our community *hack, snort*
    I too am a big Tom Waits fan, as a little rain has certainly never hurt no one *shudder, sniff*
    I like your current avatar, but might I suggest Jay Garrick *clang, honk, tweet*
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    Welcome, Mr. accordian-playing-cat...He should be playing a violin, oh the cruel irony.

    But yeah, about that ninja bus...just dont eat the ninja pie, mmkay?