This Week in Reviews #4

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    Post Thanksgiving meltdown!

    Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)

    Guild's Take: Having had pretty high expectations for this game, I didn't find myself disappointed. I guess reviewers weren't as mystified by Mickey Mouse's greatest video game outing (better than Kingdom Hearts), and while still giving it an in-the-green score, it still didn't excel as much as other recent platformers like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

    The Scores:
    +Official Nintendo Magazine UK: 8.5/10
    +IGN: 8/10
    +1UP: 7.5/10 (B)
    +Destructoid: 7/10
    +Eurogamer: 6/10

    Metascore: 78%

    Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii)

    Guild's Take: Great, just what I thought. A shameless cash-in on the death of the world's most famous pop singer. That really touched me.

    The Scores
    +Nintendolife: 7/10
    +Game Informer: 6.5/10
    +Official Nintendo Magazine UK: 5.9/10

    Metascore: 63%

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)

    Guild's Take: Probably the biggest DS release we'll see for a while (from the looks of it, until Pokemon Black and White's release overseas), Dark Dawn was met with disappointingly less-than-stellar reviews. I didn't really care much for the series (it's good but it feels like the same walk in the park I've done with every other turn based JRPG), but loyal fans should be raging right about now.

    The Scores
    +Nintendo Power: 8/10
    +IGN: 7.5/10
    +GamePro: 7/10

    Metascore: 76%

    Special: Golden Sun Retrospective (GBA)

    For this special, I'll take a look at metascores for the old GBA Golden Sun games, in hopes of showing a trend between reviews of the highly praised first game and the less-than-applauded third game.

    Guild's Take: I played the GBA games maybe a year ago for the first time, having not bought many GBA games when I first got my GBA (and back then I did little with it outside of playing Pokemon). I guess it's better to approach the games with a more level headed view, which I did, and I still found them to be unimpressive. It did nothing for me that soared it over the other JRPGs I've played. Gameplay? It's like the other JRPGs. Story? It's about as good as other JRPGs (unfortunately, that's not a compliment). Graphics? Well it looked damn good for the GBA. Sound? Same there. It seems the only thing it really excelled at was graphics and sound. While it was still enjoyable to play, it felt like I was playing just another JRPG game.

    Golden Sun
    +Nintendo Power: 10/10
    +IGN: 9.7/10
    +Gamespot: 8.6/10 (Review removed due to age)
    +Game Informer: 8.5/10

    Metascore: 91%

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    +Nintendo Power: 9.6/10
    +IGN: 9/10
    +Gamespot: 8.6/10
    +Eurogamer: 8/10
    +Game Informer: 8/10

    Metascore: 86%

    GBAtemp Reviews

    +GolenSun550's R4i Revolution Review
    +CarbonX13's Mario Sports Mix Review

    I've got a lot of reviews pending. I figured since I had a 4 day weekend this week that I'd, you know, have time. But between Thanksgiving and hanging out with friends, it's been quite busy. Expect Epic Mickey, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and more.

    Any problems that wouldn't be worth posting here? Send me a PM and we'll discuss the issue.
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    I don't think you should judge Golden Sun DS so quickly, it only has six current reviews, three of which being 8/10.
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    Epic Mickey was a HUGH dissapointment for me. Felt too sluggish...Kingdom Hearts is still the most amazing game that stars mickey in it.
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    its sadly true, 2nd and 3rd installments have lower reviews, im hopefully getting the game tomorrow unless my gamestop already has it for me to pick it up
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    forigve me guild but i think the dawn review was kinda biased... it is probable tht u judged the game on your interest (its just my opinion, could be wrong)
    i dont really like GS tht much even for the gba but its still a great game (as i see it) but the "musical" game seems to have had to much expectations
  7. Guild McCommunist

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    Don't get me wrong, I like JRPG games now and then, it just didn't do anything to make it stand out of a crowd. There's tons of JRPGs on the GBA, and Golden Sun only stands out from the others because it looks better than most of them and sounds better than most of them. But compared to any SNES era JRPG games it's just another fish in the sea. And it wasn't a review, it was just my thought.