The Solution to Fix Jump Ultimate Stars! If you use YSMenu

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  1. Exbaddude

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    Jul 3, 2008
    If you use YSmenu, when you start Jump Ultimate Stars, It shows a blank screen. So, here's the solution on how to fix it! [​IMG]

    Step 1) Download Jump Ultimate Stars (You can patch it with English)
    Step 2) Download DSBuff on this Website.
    Step 3) Start up DSBuff.
    Step 4) Click the "Folder" button on the top left corner and load up a WORKING DS ROM. (Not Jump Ultimate Stars)
    Step 5) Click "Unpack" and wait till you see the ROM's contents.
    Step 6) There should be lots of .bin files. We want the Arm7.bin. Drag out the Arm7.bin onto your desktop. (Don't Worry, the ROM you took the Arm7.bin from will still work.)
    Step 7) Now "Unpack" Jump Ultimate Stars.
    Step 8) Drag the Arm7.bin from your desktop into Jump Ultimate Star's Contents. Replace the old one.
    Step 9) Now click on "Pack" on DSBuff.
    Step 10) Save the ROM on your SD Card and have FUN! [​IMG]
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