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    For a few years there has been some talk here and there about a possible DW movie and last week it was made official.

    What we know so far:
    • The BBC are developing it under their "BBC Worldwide" arm.
    • It wont follow the series continuity, it'll be completely separate to the series and will be a "radical approach" to the concept.
    • David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films is in charge of it.
    • No script or story at the moment and the film isn't going to be released for three years as the BBC want it done right.
    So thoughts?

    At first I thought they should make it a prequel rather than reboot it, the first incarnation of the Doctor (which may or may not be the first we saw in the series...Who Lore is vague on this) steals the TARDIS and goes off on his first adventure. That way we can still have it being in the series continuity but still not alienate newcomers.

    Some problems with this, it would take the mystery away from The Doctors beginnings which I feel are important for the series, just like how The Joker doesn't have a precise official beginning...its just something I want to stay a mystery. Also the Doctor would need to be looking younger what with this being "action packed" and all and by most accounts the first Doctor thought of himself as superior to others especially humans and only changed when he got much older, I don't think we can have a Doctor we can like if he is like that.

    With that in mind I'm ok with it being rebooted, we'll still have the original series anyway and we could treat this as a Alternative Universe Who, just like with Marvel/DC comic films. It would be better if it was a story that fitted with series continuity but I guess that would alienate those who don't know it exists.
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    I really hope they do what you've just said, I'd like to see how the Doctor began...
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    As long as its better than the current films...
    That shouldn't be too hard though. I hope they don't Americanise it too much.
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    As long as there's no power ranger Daleks or Matt Smith I will watch and love it

    Just so you know what I'm talking about
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    It's not a matter of how they will make it... but when they will make it.

    I know pretty much nothing about Doctor Who; the same can be said for a lot of other Americans. For me, at least, it has kind of been an issue of figuring out where to start (40 years or so of show can be a bit daunting). If they pull this off, it could be a great starting point for a lot of new fans.

    That is a pretty big if, though...