TetWiis v1.1

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Tetwiis has been updated to v1.1 and is available to download from:
    TetWiis v1.1 Game
    Development Blog
    Wiibrew Page

    Change Log - v1.1:
    • Implemented clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of the blocks. Button (1) on the wiimote and (b) on the classic controller now rotate anticlockwise.
    • Adjusted the key repeat timings for improved control
    • Fixed the DOWN press release timer to give you a small amount of time before the key repeat kicks in again.
    • Implemented a pause menu (Pressing Home Button In game) where you can return to the game menu, or exit to the loader
    • Added a graphical reminder on the high score entry screen that the wiimote should be vertical
    • Resolved a few minor bugs.
    You can also optionally download the forwarder DOL/Channel WAD here