Controller stops working if its speakers aren't working on Zelda Twilight Princess


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Dec 13, 2021
What I'm about to tell you puzzles me and what leaves me still more wordless is the fact that I haven't been able to find a single thread on the entire internet about it. Without further ado:

I have a nintendo wii (actually, my brother has) that was out of use for quite some time. As I'm spending some time at my mother's, where he lives, I decided to resurrect the console in order to ward off the boredom. After playing the entire Majora's Mask and Mario 64, both wads turned channels via wad manager, I decided it was time to try Twilight Princess on.

After learning how to use Usb Loader GX and downloading the .wbfs, I finally managed to get the game running. That's when it all started.

At first I was stuck at the "Press A + B" screen. I pressed the buttons repeatedly, to no effect. It seemed the controller stopped working totally, except that, if I kept the on/off button pressed, the console would eventually turn off. Changed batteries. Nothing. Bought new batteries. Still nothing.

After some time, I decided to try again and it worked. The speaker on the controller made the unsheathing sword sound, and everything started normally. After some time playing, the controller stopped working.

That's when I noticed the correlation: whenever the wii controller speaker was working, then the game would recognize it. If the speaker wasn't working, the game wouldn't. For exemple if, before opening USB Loader GX, I would set the volume of the controller speaker on the main menu and the speaker would reproduce the playback noise indicating the volume, then all was ok; if it wouldn't, nothing would happen at the "Press A + B" screen.

The only way to make the controller work again is to take its batteries off and wait some time. Then everything gets back to work. BUT the working time I get from it is proportional to the time I left the controller without batteries: if I let it all night without batteries and only play in the next afternoon, I can get up to 1h of working controller. If I – in utter despair – take the batteries off for 5 minutes, I usually get a minute or less of playing.

Other games that use the speakers (e.g., Wii Sports) work normally. I can play any other game, except for Zelda Twilight Princess.

Do you have ANY idea of what might be happening? Because I'm utterly disoriented and confuse. I should add that I'm not particularly electronically savvy, so I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have!

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