Technical Differences between CBHC and Haxchi + RedNand


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Oct 21, 2021
Hello everyone.

First time poster, long time lurker.

I have some questions I couldn't find answered anywhere (maybe I haven't researched enough) and I'd like some opinion on the experts about this, namely the fact that installing Haxchi over a CBHC breaking the system.

So, here's what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong:

- Haxchi has its own CFW
- It takes advantage of the console not checking the games' contents and replaces the VC contents with its payload
- The actions (default action, action while pressing buttons when booting, etc) are configured in a config file in the SD Card which get applied when Haxchi is installed
- CBHC changes the default title id of the console to the VC title, which contains its payload
- If the title is uninstalled, corrupted, not properly licensed, etc, the console will not be able to boot as it is trying to boot a title that no longer exists/is corrupted/not licensed, etc.

Up until now, this all makes sense. What I don't understand is why installing Haxchi over CBHC bricks consoles.

I assume that if you were to change the default title id to something else, the console would boot to that title (Health & Safety, for example) and would always return to that title every time one would leave to the system menu. Please correct me if I'm wrong up until this point.

Assuming that what I wrote before is true, if haxchi is configured with "default=sysmenu", why does it cause a brick? I'm not looking for a very detailed explanation, just want to understand this a little bit. Is it because launching a title at startup is not the same as launching a title from the system menu?

My second question is related with RedNAND. From what I understand, the SD Card is partitioned in 2 partitions, one for RedNAND and another for data. From what I understood, one could create a RedNAND from Mocha directly, so I'm assuming that if I were to create a RedNAND partition I would boot into Homebrew Launcher without launching Haxchi CFW, start Mocha and from there find an option to create/boot to RedNAND. If that were the case, would this RedNAND be patched with a CFW? I'm assuming I wouldn't have access to the SD Card to start Homebrew Launcher from there since the SD Card is being used for the RedNAND, correct?

Just one extra question: I've read some things about Aroma. From what I've read, it uses FailST to replace the contents of "Health & Safety" with its CFW which then starts WUPS. So, is there any similarity with it and CBHC? I believe this a more specific question that will be better answered by the devs involved in the project.

EDIT: The title says Haxchi + RedNAND. That is not what I meant, I worded it improperly. Should've writen something like "CBHC vs Haxchi / RedNAND".

Thank you all for your time and help.
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