System transfers and eshop help

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    Ok so I'll keep this quick
    I have 2 3ds's one is on 4.5 and one is on the latest firmware... I want to do a system transfer to the 4.5 3ds
    Will this work ? Either with or without emunand?
    And does everything transfer over to the target 3ds? Eg dis ware, ambassador games, 3ds games etc and will I have to redownload them?

    Also I read somewhere that the new nintendo network ids tie all your previously purchased software to your account... Is this true? So even if some software doesn't transfer directly I can go and redownload them from the eshop?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before I just would like someone to give me some clear answers to my questions!

    Thanks guys in advance!! :)
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    Sep 23, 2013
    You would need to run emunand on 7.x do the system transfer, then set emunand up again (as I heared once system transfer completes the emunand gets buggy) and update then re download everything.......but unfortunately gba ambassador games and dsi ware don't work on emunand anyway so only 3ds games would be playable on emunand
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    Everything transfers, absolutely everything. When the system transfer is complete, the source 3DS will be factory reset.

    You don't need to download everything again, there will be an option to not format the SD card. Just take the contents of the SD card on the source 3DS and paste it to the target SD card.