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  1. Professor_Layton

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    I got a question about system transfer between two 3DS:

    I have an ambassador 3DS with many games i bought. recently i bought a 3DS XL Zelda Edition, and Zelda and Pokemon Y is installed there. I want to transfer my old 3DS Data to the new because the old one lost the rubber thingy on the the circle pad.

    Now, my question is if I transfer the data to my 3DS XL, will my games (Zelda and pokemon Y) are gone?
    and if I transfer the games of my old 3DS will the save files be transfered too?

    thanks from advance.
  2. Rollin'Barrel

    Rollin'Barrel Member

    Nov 3, 2014
    Serbia, Republic of
    • After the transfer, downloaded software or save data which was stored on the SD Card of the target system can no longer be used. This means that any content you have already downloaded to your new system will be overwritten when you transfer data from your old system. However, as the Nintendo eShop accounts are integrated into one during the transfer, software can be re-downloaded from Nintendo eShop.
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