System Transfer from 3DS sysnand 4.2 / Emunand 9.4 to New 3DS XL sysnand 9.4?

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    Is this possible? My current 3DS is in a hacked/cfw state (following the various guides around). And it's on 9.2 at the moment (I restored NAND to play with the pokemon hack thing).

    But ideally what I want to do is downgrade to 4.2 again, run emunand 9.4 and then transfer the 9.4 emunand over to a new 3DS that's also updated (or preferably on the stock FW).

    Is there any issues with doing a system transfer from emunand to sysnand? I just want my legit stuff on my new console, while keeping the old console in a hackable state (instead of having to update to 9.4 or 9.5). I don't particularly care if I lose my legit stuff on my old console, since it's just going to be used for hacks anyway.

    Has anyone successfully done this? What risks are there, if any? If it's not able to be done, I'm just gonna update my old 3DS to whatever it needs to perform the system transfer.

    As a sidenote/fyi: I don't own a gateway or any other 3DS flashcard. I've just been doing the cardless hacks.
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    As long as both 3DS are on the same firmware, it should be possible.

    I transferred my 3DS sysnand 9.x (Forgot the firmware) to my other 3DS emunand 9.x.
    I read about transferring to the New 3DS and its surely possible. You just can't transfer from New 3DS to regular 3DS.
    We'll just have to wait til Gateway releases emunand support for the new 3DS. Especially if your other 3DS firmware is higher than the N3DS firmware. It's gonna be touch, but leave your old 3DS on a low firmware if you want to transfer to the new 3DS sysnand. It's gonna be around 9.0 - 9.2

    If you have any emunand backups or SD card backup images with older emunand firmware, you can restore them to go back to a certain firmware by using emunand tool.

    Hopefully Majora's Mask and Monster Hunter will have firmware 9.2 or so. So we can update our old 3DS emunand to 9.2 and not anything higher.

    We'll surely have our answer. Someone on this forum will do a system transfer and confirm if this works or not.
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    Tried and confirmed working:
    SysNAND 9.4 <--> emuNAND
    emuNAND --> emuNAND
    GW emuNAND --> MT emuNAND

    All in old3DS