System Restore help.

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    Recently I had a very bad virus so I decide to restore the whole system.
    t's a HP computer with backup already made on it.

    How to install just pure windows 7 on it? I don't have a copy so I have to remove each unnecessary tool from it?
    What version of Windows 7 I should put on my computer? 64? 86?
    How to make backup of the whole system at that point?
    Can I make multibootable menu for Windows/Linux? If yes, which Linux I should install?
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    what i did was make a separate partition to which i gave the majority of my HDD space for all my media. music, movies, pictures, documents, and downloads all go to this partition. then i have my windows partition, and my three linux partitions. this way, if anything ever fucks up bad enough in any OS, i can safely reinstall it without worrying about backing up my media. i lose all programs and settings, but i consider this a plus since i start fresh with a fast new OS (this mostly applies to windows) and i try to keep my OS lightweight by only installing packages/programs i absolutely need.

    you can do this too, starting with partitioning your hard drive in two. i'd say split 25% for windows, 75% for your media depending on the size of your hard drive.
    move all your media to the second partition and then go from there, formatting your windows partition and reinstalling windows 7.
    or, you can get a better antivirus and just get rid of your virus and disregard everything i just said [​IMG]
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    Er, if you make a backup now, you'll just be restoring to... the way your computer is now.

    You might be able to make an install CD with 7lite (which appears to tbe the successor to nlite/vlite).
    But this assumes that the preinstall you had included the installation files with it (some do).