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Jan 19, 2018
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I tried doing a system transfer from my old Emunand 3DS to a n3DS that already had CFW installed. The 4GB SD card from the N3DS wasn't able to perform the low capacity transfer so I had to do the PC route.I figured I could just pop in the SD card from the old 3DS (was a using a micro SD adaptor) as long as I copied over the firm.bin files and the like. Some basic system things did transfer, like eshop data, but I don't have my friend code nor does it detect my old save data if I downloaded the old game again.

So the current scenario is a disaster. Both systems were essentially formatted and lost all the non legit cia content and saves, without gaining anything really.

Snooping around 3ds guide I figured this could be what may be the issue. But a few peculiarities arose and I really don't want to screw up.
On the first step regarding DSiWare, on SYSNAND TWLN -> title, instead of a folder 00030004, there was a 00030005 and 0003000f folders. (no biggie I thought and did the same copy over to 0:/gm9/out”
Then on step 4 "Move Emunand to sysnand" things weren't not compatible at all. First, there's no [E:]Emunand Virtual option but there is a [S:]Sysnand Virtual folder, which also has a nand.bin file. When I select 'NAND image options', instead of "Restore SysNAND (safe) I get "mount image to drive", "update embedded backup" and "verify file".
Since that was very different, I decided to ask here what might be the issue since it's so confusing...

At this point, I only really want the save files I had on my n3DS prior to the transfer, the rest is extra.

I came across this same issue and I was wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem. Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone in advance.


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Mar 28, 2016
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If both systems were indeed formatted then there is nothing you can do. The saves are encrypted per console and a format initiates a new encryption constant so your old "Nintendo 3DS" folder on your SD card (where all your saves are stored encrypted) CANNOT be read by the console.

If the target console was NOT formatted after the transfer then you should be able to "merge" the "Nintendo 3DS" folder from the source IF THEY HAVE THE SAME EXACT ALPHA NUMERIC STRING. If there is even a one character difference it's not going to help but if the transfer did complete you can use the "Nintendo 3DS" folder from the source in the target and it may get the saves back.

Encrypted saves can never be retrieved by the console after a format. That's why we use save managers like JKSV/Godmode/TWLNSaveTool to dump/restore saves outside of the console encryption; it's useless if you never dumped your saves though. That should be the very first thing you do when it comes to a system transfer, back up any saves you want to save just in case.

As it is, if your situation is the exact same you're more or less SoL.
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