Sys/EmuNAND dump sizes

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Hi guys, quick question for you. I'm running through the github guide provided in the stickied thread, and I'm at the "Getting the OTP" section.

    So, I've dumped my Emu/SysNAND and I have a question regarding the sizes. I have a N3DS with a Samsung nand, my EmuNAND dump is 1.21gb while my SysNAND is 1.84. I've seen the github page regarding nand sizes, so my SysNAND looks correct given I have a Samsung, but shouldn't EmuNAND also match that size?

    I ask only to make sure as it was at this point when downgrading to 2.1 and flashing it to SysNAND that I previously bricked this console; I've since done the hardware mod and restored a previous backup, hence also how I know I have a Samsung nand.