Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Releasing July 28th FREE with PSN Pre-Purchase of Lost Song

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    During their announcements at Anime Expo, Bandai Namco tossed out a little something extra for those interested in the Sword Art Online games. When Re: Hollow Fragment comes out in a couple of weeks for the PS4, anybody who pre-purchases a Lost Song bundle for $59.99 on PSN will receive Re: Hollow Fragment for free as an immediate download, and of course Lost Song when it releases this Fall.

    A trailer for both games was also shared at Anime Expo highlighting new features for Re: Hollow Fragment such as female character creation and a new episode with additional content:

    Re: Hollow Fragment will be coming July 28th in NA and Europe, and Lost Song still has no specific date for this Fall. Unfortunately, this deal seems to only apply to NA, although if anybody can provide a source for other regions, I will update this post.

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