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Mar 23, 2016
United States
So it has been many many years since I installed CFW and am unsure how to proceed. I'm sure you get these same exact questions all the time and I apologize in advance for asking yet again and for not having the most detailed recollection of what I did. Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.

Is there any definitive way to know what CFW I had on my system? I believe I have CBHC, because I see CBHC 1.6 when I boot the Wii U. If it is impossible to have anything else alongside it, then skip 'Files on computer/SD card', unless you care to answer question about rednand.


In my backups I see a rednand .img file. I have the vaguest of memories what this was about. I believe it was that sysnand would be separate from the CFW and the reason it dropped was because it required a huge SDcard and maybe corruption?

I don't think I'm using this, I do have an empty SysNAND directory on my Wii U though.

Assuming I don't have it installed it is fine to delete the rednand .img file? It is taking quite a bit of space.


I also see CBHC, Haxchi, and Mocha in my SD card in a couple of places. All directories have the required .tga, .txt, .elf, .png, .xml, .ini files that they need, I just figured I'd save space.

If not mistaken the /{cbhc,haxchi} files are just me being lazy and not deleting them after installing CBHC?

However, /wiiu/apps/ directory is where applications are placed to be used in the HBL. This leaves me wondering why do I have /wiiu/apps/{cbhc,haxchi,mocha}, specifically mocha. I always thought you either did CBHC/Haxchi or Mocha not all three, was it possible to run mocha within CBHC?

Is it possible I also installed Mocha alongside CBHC at some point? According to the creator of Tiramisu(can't post link), Haxchi will fight Tiramisu and Tiramisu would lose that battle and was wondering if the same could be true for rednand/CBHC/Haxchi/Mocha and that CBHC won that battle?

Tiramisu preparations​

Following the guide: Can't post link but the one everyone links to, hence the italizising.

Removing legacy CFW​

I went ahead and followed the Uninstall CBHC instructions, but am now unsure if I followed the final step incorrectly. It says in Data Management uninstall DON'T TOUCH ME. I don't know how I missed the Y Select Items (Delete) button at the top, so I ended up clicking on DON'T TOUCH ME which took me to a subdirectory that contained DON'T TOUCH ME and my user's data for it (I have many users, but I only saw data for my current user), I thought if I deleted DON'T TOUCH ME/DON'T TOUCH ME it would also delete my user data for it, but it did not, so I then deleted my user data. Is this bad or is it fine that I did it this way?

As long as it is impossible to have Haxchi/Mocha installed at the same time then I shouldn't have to follow the guide steps to delete/uninstall those, just remove them from the SD card, correct?

Also, can I now download the game I used for CBHC?

Wii U sometimes not starting up. User error or Nintendo?​

Is there anything that relies on the SD card after CBHC removal? After I removed CBHC, I turned the Wii U on and off several times and it booted up normally. However, while I was preparing the SD card (in the computer), I decided to download a game from the eShop, while downloading I had to turn it off for some reason, then I noticed that I would get:

Could not connect to the Wii U console.

Each and every time I booted the console. I then put the SD card back in the Wii U, got the message once, but when I turned it off and on again, with the SD card still in it, I did not get the message anymore.

Then sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't. I went back and forth trying to decide if it was my doing or Nintendo's. At first I assumed it was that the Wii U is still relying on something from the SD Card. So I decided (with SD card inside) to download something else and turn off the Wii U and I would still get that message. Once the game was installed and downloaded the message stopped appearing, seems like strange behavior. I would think Nintendo would take into account that people will turn off their system while downloading/installing and that it wouldn't just cut power instantaneously, in fact the Wii U would sometimes remain on for quite some time after shutting down.

So, SD card in, no downloading/installing, and no error. Remove SD card and error. I have to assume it is 100% my fault because I can't fathom Nintendo not thinking things through, but was wondering if someone had some input on this?

NAND backup​

Is the NAND backup necessary if one was already created long ago? I'd have to move around a lot of data (many many small files...) to get my 64GB SD card back in the Wii U and if the old NAND backup is fine then it would be great to not have to go through all this again.

Old homebrew​

I was wondering about the homebrew that I had installed or that modified the system. Is there anyway (or any need to) uninstall/reverse what they did? For example, NNUPatcher, prior to deleting CBHC, I was on system version 99.99,etc. once I uninstalled CBHC, I was on 5.5.4, so I think whatever it did was reversed but is that true for everything or is it on a per app basis, what happens? I still see HBL and WUP Installer GX2 on the system.
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