Hardware Switch won turn on - seems to be stuck in RCM?


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Apr 20, 2014
Seem to be having some fun and games with my switch.

I have a day 1 switch, that's exploitable. Everything was fine, console had full battery.

Turned it off via the Power off option on the console. Turned it back on, nothing. I've not got AUTO RCM turned on or any exploits running at this stage and was on standard fw.

Turn it on, nothing, doesn't boot. I plug it into my dock it flashes red once but nothing on the switch screen.

Pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds and turn it on, nothing.

Pressing and holding the power button and both volume buttons and then releasing the power button it wont go into recovery mode either.

However if i press and hold power for 15 then try to go into RCM Mode using power and volume up with a jig, my PC will see it in RCM mode but i cant seem to load a payload to it. Really odd. Literally all i did was turn it off. Ive been told to let the battery deplete and try again but anyone ever seen this before?

I've ran Parallels on my MAC too and run TEGRASMASH on it and it says its sending and loading a payload with a green icon and seems to load ok but the screen just doesn't light up.

Any ideas? Im at a real loss.

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