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  1. Kyoux

    Kyoux Member

    Jan 5, 2017
    Hi guys, Yesterday I bought the Nintendo Switch and now, after reading some threads and posts, still don't know if it is worth to update to latest firmware, 2.3.0 I think it is, or stay to whatever firmware I'm right now...
  2. Meteor7

    Meteor7 Guess where this thumb goes.

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    New Jersey
    There's no benefit I know of to updating. You can access the eShop on 2.0.0 and I don't think there's any game you can't play on it either.
  3. DarkIrata

    DarkIrata GBAtemp Fan

    Jun 12, 2015
    Gambia, The
    "Yesterday I bought"

    Update.. you are on 1.0. You can't do anything with it. Better chance with 2.3 than 1.0.
  4. Meteor7

    Meteor7 Guess where this thumb goes.

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    Jun 9, 2014
    United States
    New Jersey
    Oh. Yeah, if it's on 1.0, then do update.
  5. Sonic Angel Knight

    Sonic Angel Knight GBAtemp Legend

    May 27, 2016
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    Make sure you put in a micro SD XC card as well, it will enable the use of it. (It will ask for a update but is not really a firmware update. is just a activation of XC type sd cards)

    To be honest, there is no way to tell if is worth updating or not. "Increase user stability" is and always be the most vague statement for a update. Is a system released 3 months ago, and only 4 updates was released. It COULD actually be a improved stability update. But to be honest, unless a update is adding new feature, is not worth considering to update. The switch has very little to offer outside of playing a game. Unless a update says "ADDED" something, don't concern yourself with updates unless you get a game asking for it or a feature is added.
  6. itsjch

    itsjch GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 22, 2016
    Just update there is not point waiting for homebrew so early.
  7. MSco

    MSco GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 2, 2016
    1.0 -> 2.0: Usefull features have been added: Online gaming, eshop, nintendo accounts, Joy-Con disconnect fixes, etc..
    2.0 -> 2.3: Only stability updates. Maybe some exploits fixed? Nobody really knows.

    Nevertheless: As far as I know, there is no chance to update to 2.0 right now.
    You should update to 2.3 and stay on this version as long as there arent any noteworthy features added in a further update.
    I dont think that a maybe 1% higher chance (or much less than 1%?) to homebrew is worth to completely relinquish any online features.
    And we even dont know, if the chance of 1.0 is higher than 2.3 anyway.
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  8. :-infern:

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    Jun 1, 2013
    United States
    Considering I won't be playing online, completed my switch games and am now waiting for releases other than ARMS and Splatoon, I've left it on 1.0 in the draw collecting dust.

    1.0 was the entry point for the Web PoC, which is the only way to run PegaSwitch. Considering its running webkit, finding entry points shouldn't be a problem. It's that Nintendo is good at blocking kernel exploits, even whilst they are being developed. Those are hard to discover.

    For that I'll stay on 1.0.
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  9. x3n0

    x3n0 Advanced Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    I thought webkit was only available from version 2.0.0 and higher. Just update and have 2 years of fun, if and when it gets homebrew you can have fun again. No point in having less fun for the same money B-)

    Also: read this thread
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