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  1. EndymionXTV

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    Nov 20, 2019
    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time I'm attempting to mod my Nintendo Switch I've ordered these online:

    Thethan Portable Dongle Payloads RCM Injector for NS Switch JIG Support SX OS Atmospheres

    Separate Order
    Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC Card and UHS-I Cards

    RGEEK DN Paper Clip for Nintendo Switch RCM Tool RCM SX OS Short Circuit Tools Use for Modify The Archive Play GBA/FBA & Other Simulator

    Information on my current Switch

    My Nintendo switch is the first batch that came out shortly after the release/announcement of the switch and it's not patched as its running on XA1 -xxxxxx

    My Questions
    1) Is there anything else I am missing before I begin the modding process? I have a Type C to USB connector and a PC

    2) Do I need a second Nintendo switch?
    a) if Yes, how do I get my save files between the the two switches? for example I have Pokemon Shield cartridge used on the modded switch, after modding with Pokehex how do I transfer the data over to the non modded switch? or is it as simple as taking out the game cartridge and putting it in the non modded switch?
    b) if No, can I go online and do trading and battles with the modded switch?

    3) The main purpose of me modding my switch is solely for Pokemon S/S and I want to play online still, is that going to be a problem if I mod my switch?

    4) I'm going to only use Homebrew for Pokemon, if i grow tired of the mod can i revert my switch back to normal (before it was modded state) with my modded pokemon save file?

    5) Can i still go on the nintendo e shop to buy games legally without getting banned?

    RHOPKINS13 Geek

    Jan 31, 2009
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    1) You're going to need a microSD card. The bigger the better. Probably better if you have more than one.
    2) No, you don't need a second Switch. You'll want to create and use an emuMMC. emuMMC allows you to redirect the internal memory to a hidden partition on your SD card. This lets you effectively use a single Switch as two Switches, one that's kept stock, and a second one for all your mods. You can still go online with your "stock" sysMMC.
    3) If you're planning on using save editors and/or cheats with Pokemon S/S, there is no way you will be able to play it online without risking a ban. Nintendo has gotten much better at detecting modified save files for Pokemon. It's not a guaranteed ban, but I wouldn't risk it.
    4) As long as you keep your hacks restricted to emuMMC, you'll always be able to revert to stock and play as if you never modded it.
    5) Yes, with your sysMMC.
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  3. EndymionXTV

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    Nov 20, 2019

    2) Is there a tutorial on how to create and use emuMMC and redirecting internal memory?
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