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May 26, 2018
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there is no "NOT" key. and I have a simpler solution. make the emulator emulate upright wiimote and map up on the d-pad to left,down on the d-pad to right,left on the d-pad to down,and right on the d-pad to up. with what I initially used, IR forward was 6, IR backward was 7, and IR hide was 8 and IB. Now, all my IRs are mapped to !C, except IR hide which is mapped to C. I'm emulating a sideways wiimote with up mapped to up, down mapped to down, left mapped to left, and right mapped to right. Now, to deactivate Tippi,, I have to hold C. Holding Z, the Z-axis wiimote shake also works, but while Tippi is active, I can't do anything. Okay, here is my new setup with sideways wiimote:
A is mapped to A
B is mapped to B
1 is mapped to '1'
2 is mapped to '2'
- is mapped to MINUS
+ is mapped to EQUALS
Home is mapped to RETURN
Threshold is 50
Up is mapped to 'Axis Y-'
Down is mapped to 'Axis Y+'
Left is mapped to 'Axis X-'
Right is mapped to 'Axis X+'
Forward is mapped to !'6'
Backward is mapped to !'7'
Hide is mapped to !'8'
Center, Width, and Height are all 50
Up is mapped to C
Down is mapped to D
Left is mapped to E
Right is mapped to F
Forward is mapped to G
Backward is mapped to H
Dead Zone is 0
Forward is mapped to I
Backward is mapped to J
Left and Right are mapped to R
Modifier is mapped to M
Dead Zone and Circle stick are both 0, while angle is 90
X is mapped to X
Y is mapped to Y
Z is mapped to Z
Threshold is 50
Up is mapped to UP
Down is mapped to DOWN
Left is mapped to LEFT
Right is mapped to RIGHT
Threshold is 50
Motor isn't mapped to anything
Sideways Wiimote has a checkmark. Other boxes don't.
Speaker Pan is 0 and Battery is 100
Only problem is that I have to hold 8 to use Tippi. and I can't get to that hidden door in 1-2. and I can't use anything else while using Tippi.
while Tippi is active, mashing X,Z,L,R,I,J,C,D,6,or 7 produces interesting results.
Holding Z,L,R, or 6 exits out of Tippi.
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