Super Mario Advance 4 VC Save File Injection

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    So... a while back Nintendo released Super Mario Advance 4 for the Wii U's Virtual Console in the U.S. which finally had all 38 of the e-Reader levels officially in English for the first time.

    However... the VC release only added the e-Reader levels themselves and none of the other e-Reader features such as the e-Switches or being able to use the Cape or the Blue Boomerang outside of World-e among some other things as these features needed to be scanned through the e-Reader to work.

    However, once the kernel exploit was able to be used on 5.5.1 I was able to make use of Saviine to dump my own SMA4 VC save and after looking around to see if anyone had done any research on the file structure and found nothing I decided I'd poke around in the hex editor HxD to see if I could find anything in the decrypted save file.

    After comparing a normal 128 kb save file to the 145 kb data_008_0000.bin file that I obtained from Saviine I discovered where the save in the VC Save file was located.

    Specifically in hexadecimal it starts at offset 4080 and ends at offset 2407F at the end of the file.

    I then copy pasted a save file with e-Reader stuff into the data_008_0000.bin file with HxD and after deleting the data_012_0001.bin file as that was probably the suspend point data and would cause it load the previous save file instead of the injected one, I used Saviine to inject the save file and it loaded up successfully.

    Unfortunately I'm not a programmer so as much as I'd like to make a tool to not have to use a hex editor for the save file extraction/injection I sadly can't, but perhaps someone who can might be interested in doing so.

    Anyway I have attached a zip with two save files for anyone who would like to play through the game with the additional e-Reader stuff but would prefer not to use a hex editor.

    Both saves are basically the same but with one important difference, the one in the folder labeled Red Switch has the Red Switch e-card scanned in which makes the game slightly harder but gives you double points.

    Seeing as Saviine decrypts the save file these saves should work on any Wii U but please inform me if they do not.

    I'm not sure if other VC Gba games also use this save file format as I didn't dump any other Gba saves but I'm sure that can be looked into if someone is interested for some reason.

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    Got this to work with Metroid Fusion on Wii U Virtual Console! Many thanks!

    Surprised that more people aren't trying to do this...
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