Sundriver and Skyward Sword

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    Nov 20, 2011
    Well, like a lot of people, I can't load the Skyward Sword iso. I've been trying all day, but I nothing worked. I will summarize it:

    I uploaded the game to Sundriver and I loaded it. When the Wii restarted, I waited for the disc to load on the disc channel. Suddenly, the wiimote stopped working and I couldn't point at the screen. However, the menu still worked. After some googling (does that word exists? XD) I installed cIOS d2x (v6, in 259 base 56) y tried to load it. Nothing. I tried using Neogamma (I never used a loader before), with and without the alternative dol, but I always get the 001 error. I also tried with uLoader, like I read in a tutorial, and I could see the WM+ screen, but, the same thing, 001. And that's all. Well, I also used sysCheck and put the log into ModMii, I installed all the WADs it downloaded with Multi Mod Manager and nothing worked. Any suggestions? (by the way, I'm using 4.3E).

    PS: I watched the WM+ video once in Wii Sports Resort some weeks ago.
    PS2: Sorry about my English ^^U

    Edit: I don't think someone will answer, but I'll just post a sysCheck I just did:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    EDIT: Nobody even answered... anyway, I solved it. The iso I had was modified or something, so I got a new one (1:1) and it runs perfect!