1. Coolperez8

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    Mar 17, 2013
    United States
    Hey guys! I have suggestions for DS Homebrew. It also includes name suggestions.
    This is a program to make your Flashcart 100% better. Upon Startup, it asks for the Industry of your card
    (R4, Acekard, DSTwo, etc.) Next, you get to select your card, (In R4 Industry: R4i 3ds, R4i SD-HC Dual Core,
    R4i Gold, etc.) And then after that you get to upgrade your Kernel or download the rom to upgrade the card
    (like R4i Flashwriter) You can also download NDS roms with it and place them in a certain folder with a certain
    This DS application allows you to run Virtual Machines from the cloud, on a DS A Virtual Machine is an emulated
    computer running a certain operating System like Windows 8 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard. You can also mount CD's from
    Download links or take SideNotes (SideNotes are basicly some text displayed at the bottom of the screen, useful
    if your installing Windows & can't remember the product key.) (Mounting CD's from download links basicly allows
    you to mount a CD iso Image without having it on your DS, useful for installing Ubuntu 13.04 due to the iso large
    file size) The server mounts a CD by downloading it to the server, and it will never have to download it again, it
    also checks the hashsum of the file, so if another user downloads it, it cam immediatly mount the iso to his
    Virtual Machine.
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