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    May 16, 2008
    Might recall me about my half dead monitor. Since then, I've ordered a new one which arrived yesterday. 24" @ Full HD resolution; I'll never be able to go back to a lower one...
    Anyway, I noticed it's got a stuck pixel; it's yellow. I've been running some so-called "dead pixel fixer" (it flashes different colors) for 10 minutes now , no luck as of yet; I'll keep it running for the night.
    The shop I ordered it from said I should've bought a pixel warranty, seems bullshit to me, however, I've still a few days to return the monitor without any reason mentioned due to some awesome Dutch law about webshops 'n schtuff. However, seeing as I'd miss the monitor for a long while I'd like to keep this as a last resort.

    Any other ideas I could try?
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    There are 2 standards when it comes to dead pixels, at least in what I've researched over the years. Either you have a "pixel warranty", which usually costs you a lil bit extra when ordering monitors/laptops, or you have a "standard warranty" which only covers DoA products or short term failure.

    You can either ignore the dead pixel (and I've never heard of any successful methods to remove them) or you can claim your right to either a replacement or refund (depending on your intention and how quickly you respond after purchase - standard is 1 month).
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    as soon as you find that your monitor has a dead pixel massage it gently with a screen cloth, im not sure if this works on all types of screens but its been working on one of my LCD's