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    Dec 2, 2014
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    I was having a ton of trouble with the hack at first. I finally got it to work and decided to install a large game , about 36 GB, and the install bar is all the way at the end and has not finished, its been about 10 minutes roughly. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Sorry I have no experience installing large games and this makes me a bit nervous...I really don't want to bail on it due to it potentially screwing up the HDD. Is there any way to back out safely or am I pretty screwed and will have to do a full initialization....again?

    EDIT: After waiting about an hour, I decided to unplug the usb. It kept on "Installing". I waited a few more minutes in case it error'd out to no avail. Home button is disabled while installing as is soft reset with the power button on the console. Had to hold power down for 30 seconds. Booted back up with the "You suck at powering down your stuff" message, then I looked at my home screen to the game almost installed, Thankfully I can just delete it and move on.

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