Hacking Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Question


Apr 9, 2020
United States
Is it possible to get a hacked Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken to unlock the paywalled characters on the PS3 version?

I own the the PS3 version which I bought years ago and never got around to buying the extra characters because I thought it was ridiculous that that they were locked on disc only to be completely available several months later on the Vita version. The Vita version came with a code/unlock to free the locked characters on the PS3 version.

I recently got into Vita hacking and acquired SF x Tekken. I got it, and the 1.08 update installed on my Vita fairly easily. The DLC was more of hassle and I'm still not entirely sure I have it all installed, but I'm less concerned about costumes and gems than I am about trying to unlock the PS3 version.

The file serial number is UP0102-PCSE00005_00-SXTVITAFREEBUNDL. It doesn't show up in any of the DLC packs I've found/used while hacking. It can be found online on the old PS3 store but it says I can't purchase it because I don't own a Vita copy of the game. There are three places you can access the store on the Vita: through the store itself, on the game launch screen, and within the game directly via a menu option. Only one of those (through the PSN Vita store directly) has the file and there is no option to buy/download. It only gives information on the promo offer.

I was just curious if that file exists anywhere to download and use via the Vita? Or, would that be more of a PS3 hack? Because my version of SF x Tekken is a hacked version, does that mean my PSN account won't recognize it and that why I can't download the unlocker?

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much in advance.

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