Strange Play-up...

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    Jan 2, 2010
    So, on new years eve, my DSi had Coca-cola spilt all over it. Having no tools, I could not open it up and fix the sugary damage.
    Anyway, I re-packaged it ready for a nintendo repair, and on the off chance, today I plugged it in. The charging light glowed a VERY dim orange... And it works now.

    The only problems are, both screens randomly get horizontal darker lines fuzzy-ing things up,
    It only charges when it's on(wth)
    The time/date reset.(Easy enough to fix I suppose)

    So, could I please have some help with troubleshooting? Thanks! [​IMG]

    Edit:Made more sense.
    On closer inspection and testing, The down button is jammed, the up button stops the charging, and the bottom screen has a dark blob in it...
    Pretty sure it still needs a repair. Is it still in warranty, i've only had it 9months?
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    try to change the battery it may solve one or other problem , the horizontal darker lines is a problem in the resistors that in the older NDS were next to the battery you could try to adjust them with a screwdriver BUT first remove the battery than do it otherwise you will cause a short circuit , those things may work , with that doesn't work it is a motherboard issue i dont think its worth replacing that , its better buy a new ds
    I dont think they accept this kind of damage on warranty , but you have one year warranty i guess and maybe opening with some care you could give him a little breath of life
    I've got the weirdest problem on mine but I just have it for more than an year , changed the top screen and ramdomly he gives me those weirdness