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    I'm quite familiar with console modification and flash carts, so I'm usually the guy people come to for problems. A co-worker asked me about his TTi suddenly not working on his DSi (1.4) despite having the newest kernel that fixed the 1.4 issue. It is indeed listed as Star Wars Lethal Alliance. Out of nowhere after trying to play SMT:Strange Journey a few times (Corrupt save over and over from the protection), it suddenly stopped working altogether. Attempting to boot the cart in the DSi simply gives the "An error has occurred. Press and hold the POWER button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Nintendo DSi Operations manual for details" error. I borrowed the cart and took a look at it. It's working fine in a DS Phat and a DS Lite. I updated it to the latest YSMenu to help him with his saving problems, but I know this won't help his DSi problem.

    Now here is where things get weird...

    The board inside this DSTT is blue. It's blue, plastic slot, and looks exactly like this picture:

    It takes DSi firmware, it appears to be legit until you look at the casing (Not in the picture, as it's not my picture). The casing reads "DSTT FOR NDS/NDSL". There is no "i" anywhere to be found on the cart. So okay, it's a DSTTi board inside of a DSTT case? Well, let's see what the DSTTi Fake Checker says! It reads: "Not DSTTI card. Only support DSTTI card."

    He doesn't recall where he bought it, but I'm feeling that it's a fake. But I digress, despite those oddities, this thing was working but now is not. So does anyone have any idea what is wrong? I'll be picking up his DSi eventually to tinker with that a bit, but I'd love some input if this is a known problem with hopefully a fix.
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    Try to format microSD and put it lastest kernel. If don't work try a new microSD.
    If don't work by a new flashcart [​IMG]
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    i think, this problem wont resolve by simple reformatting the card.

    well its the firmware issue (not the kernel). And to resolve it is to use the slot-2 to boot the firmware upgrade for DSTTi and also a un-updated DSTTi to reflash the card.

    Because if you reflashing the DSTTi it wont reflash because it will display that DSTTi is already updated.

    NOTE: Do not use the "TTi_14_Check v2.0" as many of the card always failed on it, if you use that upgrader. Instead use this one to upgrade your card. here

    well to do the trick

    -Use the DSTTi un-updated to boot the PASSME using DS Lite and also place the slot2 cart loaded with the firmware upgrader.
    -Now then boot the firmware upgrade program using your slot-2
    -Wait till the program to say that the upgrade is ready.
    -Swap now the DSTTi with the another one.
    -Then press the combination button and it will reflash again. (sometimes the new card doesnt detect immediately, and might need a few retries before it proceed to reflashing)

    I test it with my 2 DSTTi's with one firmware upgraded, one TTi is not upgraded and supercard slot-2. I did reflash my another TTi even if its already working though. (i even try it by turning it off in the middle of the upgrade and the card is broken of course hahaha.. but i repaired it using the procedures above)