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July 7, 2007
*To start off, we have a rule with chairs. You can buy the chair and get it in a box. Or for $5 more we will assemble it for you which will take about 15-25 minutes. Or if you're in a hurry, we'll give you the display that we built earlier for that same $5. I see a man rolling a chair up to the register. I head up to make sure the cashier charges him for the assembly.
Me: Sir, did you want that in a box?
Guy: No, this is fine.
Me: There is a $5 assembly fee if you want the display.
Guy: Are you kidding me?
Me: No, that's the rule. It's even on the tag on that chair.
Guy: That's ridiculous.
Me: If you want it assembled, be it the display or one fresh from the box, it's $5.
Guy: Why?
Me: Because we have to take the time to assemble the chair instead of helping customers or stocking the store.
Guy: I was just at your store in another city and bought the 3 they had there and they didn't charge me $5.
Me: I don't know why they didn't, but they were supposed to.
Guy: This is ridiculous. I just bought $1000 in chairs from you guys and you want me to pay $5 for assembly?
Me: Yes. You can speak to my manager if you'd like.
Guy: Yeah, I'd like to speak to your manager.
*The manager (the one that will not haggle any price ever unless it's a price match) was standing a few feet away and walks up.
Manager: It's a $5 assembly fee if you want the display.
Guy: But I just bought...
Me: $5 assembly fee.
Guy: Even though...
Me: $5 assembly fee.
Guy: Can I get 10% off since it's the display?
Me: No, you want the display, it's a $5 assembly fee.
Guy: Fine, I need the chair. But this is stupid.

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