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    Sep 15, 2007
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    When I went to our electronic store on the 3DS launch day there was a guy from Nintendo presenting the 3DS and its features.
    They were speaking of getting updates and news from Nintendo through Spotpass and Wifi.
    Now all I've gotten so far were 2 messages from Street fighter, one was welcoming me to the game and the other one had a Figurecode.

    I was wondering whether anyone of you has gotten any News or anything through Spotpass yet [​IMG]
    It would be great to get new announcements from Nintendo through that service e.g new release dates etc etc
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    Hi Assax,

    It was designed for news, announcements, and free DLC from Nintendo as well as other developers/companies!

    Street Fighter is giving figurecodes, and when DOA is out, there will be daily SpotPass DLC costumes to download.