Gaming Spirit Hunter NG near unplayable -- sluggish and BGM multiplying


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May 12, 2009
United States
So I'm having a really strange issue with Spirit Hunder NG. Everything is extremely sluggish like the CPU is really struggling to keep up even in docked mode. I have text set to the highest speed but it still appears in little bursts, hesitating with each little bit. (Eg a bit might appear, it will stop just for a moment, then a bit more and repeat even though it should be basically instant.) Selecting something can be really sluggish or even make the game almost completely halt for a moment at times (especially if it has any effects like that zoom in effect.) In a major scene (such as the car in the underpass not too far from the beginning) it gets so sluggish it makes the game almost unplayable from sheer frustration in how long it takes even just to move the cursor. Every scene takes 10x longer than it should.

Another strange oddity is the background music is multiplying. One track will be playing and then at another scene another might start without the first ending. Or, probably even more often, the same one starts again so it is playing twice (and completely out of sync.) It's more than just a bit annoying and contributes further towards making the game just feel completely unplayable to me since it starts to sound really horrible and discordant (and not in a scary way, just in an annoying way.)

I've searched around and I couldn't find anyone talking about this problem. In fact, there were gameplay videos on youtube/etc and everything looks normal and snappy as it should be on those. Obviously those aren't recorded using the system record function, but on that subject it's worth noting that if I save a 30 second video by holding the screenshot button down then the video takes significantly longer than normal to save, but the gameplay actually looks pretty normal in it. (Now tell me that isn't just really weird.)

I've previously played Death Mark (which I believe is the exact same engine with very few changes if any at all) with no problems at all. That was some time ago however. (Several system firmwares.) The memory card is fast and has exhibited no problems in anything else I've ever done -- for that matter, every single other game I have runs just fine with no troubles with load times or anything like that. I even tried deleting the game's save data and starting a new game without even touching the options menu just to see what would happen -- though I certainly did relish the idea of starting over -- and I had the exact same result. I think I do have the latest update for the game (my Switch stays offline) -- 1.0.1 to be specific.

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